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Workshops - Going Beyond

These workshops and events are offered to students who want become more involved in jewelry making or are interested in personalized customized instruction.


Art Clay Silver Workshop

Art Clay Silver is metal clay that is used to create fine silver (99.9% pure silver) objects, pendants, beads, and findings, etc. After the binders and water burn off from either torch or kiln firing, the result is a pure silver product. This medium is perfect for those that want to make their own, unique pieces to complement their jewelry collections. If you’ve ever worked with Fimo or Sculpey and want to expand your horizons, or you just want to make something really cool that is entirely created by you from start to finish, then this is the class for you. Instruction is limited to a private, one on one session. You’ll leave with 2 or 3 silver pieces. Call Kat to reserve space.

Age 18 & up.  5 hours.  $100.00

Art Clay Silver Coral Pendant

Chicks and Hens Event

Ever want to have a party with just the girls where you learn, have fun, and leave with a great piece of bling? Perhaps your company needs a stress busting activity for a business conference? Maybe you’d like to have a gathering with your bridal party where everyone makes their own jewelry that they’ll wear on your special day? Football Widows can have their own “Bowl” with a jewelry making activity while the guys grunt and fling nachos at the big screen. Call Kat to design a custom jewelry making activity at your next event. Supplies, use of tools, and instruction will be included in the fee.

Age 18 & up. 

Gem Faire Primer (Field Trip)

The Gem Faire in Costa Mesa is the premier setting to shop and learn about the wonderful world of beading. For first timers, it’s a daunting experience. Join Kat during wholesale hours to learn all about shopping at Gem Faire, purchasing strategies, learning about and meeting her favorite vendors. Let Kat demystify the process, and by the end, you’ll feel more confident about shopping and buying at Gem Faire. Call Kat to reserve space. Limited to 6 students.

Age 18 & up.  4 hours.  $25.00

B.Y.O.D. Workshop

The most requested class from Kat’s students is the “Bring Your Own Design” workshop.  She created it for her students that have a jewelry design project they want to create and engineer, but not quite sure how to do it.  Spend a couple of fun hours engineering together with like-minded bead addicts!  The possibilities are endless!  Prerequisite:  Bead Stringing Basics 101.  Sign up early, spaces are limited to 6 students.   

Age 18 & up.  2 1/2 hours.   $30.00

Other Classes and Projects

If you wish to take a class in the curriculum that is not currently being offered on Kat’s calendar, or if you prefer a private lesson, call Kat and request a class time.